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  • Shitsukawa, Toon, Ehime
  • 791-0295, Japan
  • Shigenobu Campus 
  • TEL:(+81)-89-964-5111
  • FAX:(+81)-89-960-5132
Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine > Greeting

Message from the Dean


Dean's Photo


Dr. Noriaki Mitsuda

Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine and School of Medicine,
Ehime University





     Ehime University School of Medicine was established in 1973, as one department medical school aiming for dissemination of high quality medical treatment. Ehime University Hospital opened in 1976, followed by the establishment of the Graduate School of Medicine in 1979. Faculty of Nursing was established in 1994. We have produced 3600 medical doctors and 1200 nurses, and now, our early graduates play leading roles in clinical and medical fields throughout the country. Approximately half of total graduates continually work within Ehime prefecture and support the regional medical care.
Many graduates dedicate themselves to teaching at their alma maters and contribute to developing future medical professionals.

     In terms of Education, under our basic philosophy “give back to the patients what has been learned from the patients”, we endeavor to nurture medical professionals who possess the diligent attitude to learn from patients and the great ability to give back the achievements of education, research and medical care to the community. This principle includes the spirit “medical professionals must commit to the ailing patients and must do their best from a holistic perspective, throughout their lives”.
For our educators, we provide Faculty Development Activities aiming to enhance the quality of education.
For our students, we apply a student-driven and problem-solving small group education, striving to teach the importance of self-training and self-learning.

With regard to research, the Regenerative Medical Research Center was founded in 2006. This facility, after becoming the Proteo-Medicine Research Center, combined with the Cell- Free Science and Technology Research Center became Proteo-Science Center (PROS) in 2013.
At this research center, using the technology of cell-free protein synthesis, regenerative medical science and development of the malaria vaccine, we further unique and advanced study infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmune disease and life style related disease.
In Ehime University Hospital, , Translational Research Center(TRC) was founded in 2011 , which aims to bridge basic technology and advanced medical technology.

     As for regional contribution, we are actively engaged in improving community-based medical care by setting up medical satellite centers in Matsuyama City, Seiyo City, Shikokuchuo City, Kumakogen Town, Uchiko Town, Yawatahama City, Ainan Town in order to provide necessary medical care for people in those cities and towns.
In addition, with the cooperation of regional medical institutions in Ehime Prefecture, we strive to foster medical professionals who will be able to effectively contribute to the community-based medical care, and support their career development.

     Ehime University School of Medicine, and Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine have persistently developed and now we can say we have reached the maturity.
We will continue to contribute to the development of medical science and medical care, sending the message to the world while keeping our roots in Ehime, Japan.
Furthermore, we will make every effort to produce excellent medical professionals who can play roles for advanced medicine and medical care in next generation.
We sincerely appreciate your warm and continuous support.

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